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Real estate website design

Real estate website design

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India's Best Cycle Track

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What strategies would you use for social media marketing?

Growing organically over social media takes patience and time. But foremost it requires finding details about the client. For your business, we have a strategy in place. A strategy that will help us to find the best solutions for your business using social media marketing.

Why should I hire foundr studio for a social media marketing campaign?

Want to run a marketing campaign and are clueless about who to hire? Fret not, we at Foundr Studio- the next-gen social media marketing agency are all set with a plethora of resources to ace the game of social media campaigns.

Is LinkedIn a good marketing place for B2C companies ?

Imagine you own a business; a start-up or maybe a small local store. The problem after starting a business is not how to succeed, but how to find customers who will ultimately drive revenue and lead your business towards the goals you aim for.

How can you promote your business on social media handles?

Every platform is not fit for every business. If you are a travel blogger, you might choose Instagram or Pinterest whereas if you are a B2B business, you will leverage LinkedIn. With so many small and big social media platforms available, you need to know where to put the most content to target the right audience.

What is the difference between social media ads and old ways of advertising?

Gone are the days when you would only know products because you saw them on a billboard while driving, or because you had an ad on TV. Traditional advertising means the advertisements that one could see in print, radio, TV, etc.

How do I run a successful ad on social media to generate leads?

Do you know the best way to invest in social media is through social media ads which help us in generating leads? There is a plethora of social media platforms to run a successful ad.

How does advertising on digital media surpass TV advertising?

Since most of these new generation millennials no longer prefer to view video content on Traditional TV, there has been a massive increase in advertising budget spent on Digital media.

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