How does advertising on digital media surpass TV advertising?

Since most of these new generation millennials no longer prefer to view video content on Traditional TV, there has been a massive increase in advertising budget spent on Digital media.

How does advertising on digital media surpass TV advertising?

Traditional TV viewing is on a decline these days because viewers are shifting to new online streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube T.V, etc, as a result this is leading to a decline in TV advertising as well. Since most of these new generation millennials no longer prefer to view video content on Traditional TV, there has been a massive increase in advertising budget spent on Digital media.

Although Tv advertising cannot be scrapped altogether and will remain for some time Digital Media advertising surpasses Tv advertising in a number of ways.

Digital media is cost-effective and cheaper

The difference in cost of a 30-second video commercial on TV which may not even reach the target audience is enormous as compared to advertising on digital media.

Advertising on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc, or any other social media platforms which support video uploads is very affordable. Even though the companies need to hire professionals for SEO to organically reach specific audiences but since SEO itself is free it doesn’t burn a hole in the companies’ pockets.

Moreover, digital media advertising tools such as PPC and Email marketing are cheaper and facilitate small companies to set up small budgets depending upon their requirements.

Digital media targets specific audience

Advertisements on traditional Tv are not audience specific as they are broadcasted to anyone who turns on the channel, it is difficult for companies to choose where and on which channels should the commercials be advertised as it is mostly a hit and miss approach. Whereas this is not the case in Digital media, advertising on social media enables brands to narrow down on their target audience using several criteria such as gender, age, interests, demographic location, etc. So, social media advertising lays its focus on the desired audience which are potential customers who lead to conversions.

Tv advertising is limited to video content

Tv advertising lays emphasis on video content only and has restrictive formats. It focuses mainly on audio and video images along with written copy which is the most appealing way to advertise. Whereas advertising on social media has a more detailed description as it contains a title that is accompanied by a multimedia element such as a picture, maybe a video, or a clickable product item. Social media also has another added advantage of a “call to action” button which attracts the user to directly engage with the brand.

Ads on digital media can be created in different formats unlike fixed formats on Tv. They are more targeted for a specific audience and are more appealing visually. Online video ads are giving Tv video ads a tough competition as they have a similar way of storytelling just like Tv ads and are on a platform that is preferred by today’s generation.

Digital media has different channels for different users

Tv advertising can be done on only one medium TV whereas Digital media advertising has different channels for different users and can also be accessed on different gadgets such as tablets, mobile devices, laptops, etc. Social media ads can be consumed a number of times and this increases the user experience altogether because paid ads on social media keep driving organic traffic for some time for a subsequent number of posts.

Digital advertising is fast and flexible as compared to Tv advertising

Digital advertising facilitates the companies to track, measure, and quickly make necessary changes in ads to optimize content. Any changes whether it is a change in the written content, change in filters, or colour, etc can be made quickly and with minimum costs. We can even measure changes by tracking CTRs and find out if we are on the right track.

Whereas Tv advertising has a clumsier approach and changes cannot be made very quickly because of the huge costs involved.

Therefore, advertising on digital media is indeed a preferred platform these days because it has a lot more to offer to the new generation as compared to old Tv advertising which involves massive budgets that has a very passive approach.

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