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Do you know nearly 75% of people make use of social media for finalizing purchase decisions?

If you have been engaging in social media for a while you will be aware that social media has immense potential to give your brand or product a boost and is indeed the best platform for marketing.

Our agency will not only connect you with the right audience but will also grab their attention with engaging content and viral social media posts across different channels.

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Why social media is important to your business ?

Social media is the heart of any business and if there is anything that has caught the shopper’s attention it is Social media. Whether you are running a business that is business-to-customer(B2C) or business-to- business(B2B) you can yourself evaluate how important it is for you to engage with your target audience through different social media channels. As the user’s preferences keep changing, it has become a dire necessity for companies to invest in professional social media services to build brand recognition.

So, what are you waiting for?

We at founder studio with the help of our up-to-date social media experts will help drive traffic to your social media profiles and generate leads for conversions. By using optimum social media techniques, we intend to craft a suitable and workable solution for the success of your business.

Why social media is important to your business ?

Facebook has nearly 2.80 billion monthly users in 2021.

Facebook is the biggest social network used by more than 200 million small businesses and is therefore termed as The King of Social Media.

Small businesses make use of Facebook’s popular tools such as a Facebook page to publish information such as their contact details, addresses, product descriptions, etc in order to increase their presence online.

Do you know nearly 70 % of the searches are made on Instagram?

According to (eMarketer 2020) 1.074 billion users are estimated to use Instagram in 2021.

Businesses have a great opportunity to reach the right target audience by using Instagram tools without spending hefty amounts of money. Instagram has proved over the years that it is a vital marketing tool for people looking to expand their visibility and reach online.

Do you LinkedIn is a great platform to promote your business?

LinkedIn is the number one networking social site with a user base of 740 million users in 2020 spread across 200 countries and is an extremely useful platform for your business.

Do you know more than 30 million companies make use of LinkedIn for their business and generate 277% more leads than Facebook? So, if you intend to take your business to the next level LinkedIn is the right platform for you.

Nearly 75% of B2B businesses use Twitter to market their products and services.

Twitter claims to have 192 million active users per day (2020 statistics). Although it has a completely different audience, that is 63% of Twitter users are within the age limit of 35-65 and a very short life span, it is a hit for news agencies and journalists who use it for breaking news to create an impact.

So, in case you are running an e-commerce business, you will realize that capturing this social media site is the need of the hour for your branding strategies.

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How social media is help to grow business ?

Social media management services

Develop Brand Awareness

Losing your brand’s identity or not being able to retain it for a longer time might lead to a loss of millions!

The internet is a vast space and it is easy for a customer to forget a brand, but if you keep updating them regularly, about the latest product developments and also the upcoming services that your brand has to offer they feel prioritized.

foundr studio with the help of its experts intends to optimize your social media profiles in a way that engages the target audience and convinces them to buy your product or service. We strive to keep your brand identity thriving so that your brand may not be lost in the internet space and your customers keep coming back to you.

social media marketing services

Build Relationships

What would make a customer buy from you rather than from your competitor?

A recent survey by Sprout Social Found that 76% of customers would prefer to buy from a brand they feel connected to. Building a relationship with your customers forms a strong foundation of credibility and authenticity.

If you are looking for personalized solutions to connect with your customers and aim to have an edge over your competitors foundr studio is the right place for you. Our exclusive CRM (customer relationship management) tools will make sure that the customers feel a strong bond with your brand and will be a boon for your business.

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Increasing Website Exposure
(Traffic & Conversions)

92% of small business owners feel they sell more than their competitors by using social media strategies. Social media tools are a major source of driving traffic to your website and provide the easiest form of communication between the company and the customer.

They attract nearly 31% of referral traffic by adding backlinks and generate a number of leads for your business.

Since it is important to identify the requirements of the customer on each of these individual platforms, foundr studio aims at providing you the best social media marketing strategies using a mix of engaging content, blog posts, infographics, to increase your website exposure and gets your social media traffic rolling.

Our Social Media Marketing Services

If you have been interacting with brands through social media you may have realized its importance to reach prospects and potential customers?

Speaking directly to your customers through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn is vitally important to generate leads and drive sales for your business.


Since Facebook has a massive audience and has great mobile accessibility you may have analyzed how important it is for your business to create mobile-friendly and optimized content on Facebook.


Hashtags have undoubtedly become an inevitable element of social media these days.

So, if you are aiming at creating eye-catching ideas and posts to increase your visibility online through Instagram, we have you covered.


Twitter is the fifth and most popular tool when it comes to achieving your marketing goals. It is indeed a Goldmine of opportunities to drive sales and build your brand’s reputation.


Do you intend to growing your network, managing your online reputation, or driving social traffic to your site? Well! LinkedIn is the right platform for you to scale your business.

Questions & Answers

What strategies would you use for social media marketing?

Growing organically over social media takes patience and time. But foremost it requires finding details about the client. For your business, we have a strategy in place. A strategy that will help us to find the best solutions for your business using social media marketing.

Why should I hire foundr studio for a social media marketing campaign?

Want to run a marketing campaign and are clueless about who to hire? Fret not, we at Foundr Studio- the next-gen social media marketing agency are all set with a plethora of resources to ace the game of social media campaigns.

Is LinkedIn a good marketing place for B2C companies ?

Imagine you own a business; a start-up or maybe a small local store. The problem after starting a business is not how to succeed, but how to find customers who will ultimately drive revenue and lead your business towards the goals you aim for.

How can you promote your business on social media handles?

Every platform is not fit for every business. If you are a travel blogger, you might choose Instagram or Pinterest whereas if you are a B2B business, you will leverage LinkedIn. With so many small and big social media platforms available, you need to know where to put the most content to target the right audience.

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