What strategies would you use for social media marketing?

Growing organically over social media takes patience and time. But foremost it requires finding details about the client. For your business, we have a strategy in place. A strategy that will help us to find the best solutions for your business using social media marketing.

What strategies would you use for social media marketing?

Slowly and gradually, social media marketing has crept into the lives of millions of people today. 5 years ago, only the youth used social media but now, from little kids to old adults, all are on social media platforms. Instead, platforms are created to suit and reach people of every age, gender, class, etc. We at Foundr studio work with top-notch clients and experienced professionals for all kinds of social media needs. To reach those millions is easy but to convert them into visitors or paying customers is difficult.

Growing organically over social media takes patience and time. But foremost it requires finding details about the client. For your business, we have a strategy in place. A strategy that will help us to find the best solutions for your business using social media marketing.

Business Goals

Before even delving deeper into what strategy we must use, we learn details about you. If your business requires marketing help, the first question arises, “ why do you need social media marketing?”, “does presence there help?”. “What business goals am I trying to achieve through this?”, etc.

Our work begins when we talk to you. Step 1 in the ladder of social media marketing strategy is understanding the client top-down. In this step, we learn about your expectations, your goals, and your requirements. With the help of the listed goal, we can move ahead with the strategy. Some of the common goals are:

  • Increase brand reach
  • Get multiple thousands of impressions
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Get confirmed leads from social media
  • Convert confused customers into paying customer
  • Reinvent brand image

There are multiple goals for any business going social. Your entire business results are dependent on driving the right goals. Mutually, we work on certain long and short-term goals for your business, and the remaining planning completely depends on this.

Delve Into Research

In this step of our strategy, we critically examine your target audience according to your goals and objectives. Brands that do not understand their target group fail to create effective strategies and get better results. To better understand your audience, we:

  • Find your TG’s demographics, psychographics, area of interest, etc.
  • Find the pain points and solutions they are seeking
  • What kind of content they consume or interact with
  • Work on feedback, issues, and grievances
  • Use existing lists to find similar audiences to interact with

Different types of platforms have different categories of audiences. When we identify the audience, we keep in mind the platforms and the content that works there. With proper research, we set the initial stones for further strategy.

Establishing Key Performance Indices(KIP’s)

The benefit of working on a digital platform like social media is the ability to track almost everything. When we create a strategy, we establish KPIs that align with your goals and objectives. Different platforms have multiple ways of tracking as Instagram might work on reach, Pinterest on pins, Quora on answers, etc.

With the help of KPI’s both the clients and we as an agency know what to expect. This sets the expectations, deliverables, and future planning too. Social media is not a one-month game. It is an investment that yields returns slowly but once it starts, you can work and grow easily. Without the right KPI, there are no flyovers that connect goals with performance. They are a tracking mechanism for us to check on how your particular business is doing on social media.

Curating Content

We have all heard content is king. Well, for us it’s a kingmaker. When your content is amazing, people love your brand and make you a king. The core of our strategy begins here. Curating content as per the platform, your business, goals, and objectives. Content has scaled high- from reels to moment marketing, from reviews to suggestions and whatnot. The entire game of social media marketing revolves around this arena and we formulate our core strategy here.

Social Media Content Strategy involves many things like:

  • Content format
  • Platform suitability
  • Content planning
  • Social media execution
  • Content planning

In this entire journey of working towards making your business shine socially, our strategy can transform your business. With the help of experienced professionals who keep an eye on what kind of content works, we curate content plans for your business considering the response that it might get.

Execution and Monitoring

Once we form the content as per the planning, the next step is timely execution. In the world of social media marketing, you execute-understand-check- perform and learn. With your business too, using competitive analysis, analysis of your own business page we work towards driving business goals.

If you miss the audience statistics and do not focus on performance analysis, you will never learn. We focus on the execution of all plans in a timely manner so that you get accurate analytics. We then understand those and re-work the content plans. We align our performance with decided KPI’s and then check our work further. Monitoring all the work, interfering with analytics, and curating plans accordingly is what sets our strategy apart.

What strategy do we use?

We work diligently, smartly, and stay alert with everything that’s new. We create and curate content that can transform business image, brand value and get goals converted. Our strategy is simple; know your business inside out to form a content plan that can eventually transform and work best for your business. Our social media marketing team is full of experts and digital transformers who work day in day out on social media and know what works and what does not. So fret not, your business with us will always be in safe hands.

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