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The Ingredients To Our Amazing Social Media Advertising Services

Did you know that more than 70% of people prefer your business if you are present on social media? We at foundr studio focus on driving immaculate business growth through smart social media strategies. Be it driving brand value or getting leads, everything can be done through social media advertising in 2021 and beyond.

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How do we help you with our social media advertising?

We manage your every penny wisely

Did you know that for every single $ spent, you can actually get 1.6 X returns! The average CPM is around $4.33 or INR300. That is how crazy paid growth social media provides when invested wisely. In this process, we are your experts at service. Our motto is to bring growth to your enterprise with optimum ad spend. That is what separates us- our focus on delivering the best result where your ad spends are actually your investment.

We focus on advertising to your accurate audience

The social media algorithms use Machine learning and artificial intelligence to find out who your potential audience can be. With social media advertising, you can actually pick up the audience that you want to target. More importantly, everything can be measured which makes targeting and retargeting easy. We at Foundr Studio are driven to utilize these features in an accurate way so that you get the most at the best price. Fret not, you will reach your audience with our paid advertising services.

The fastest result with social media advertising

Working with varied brands, we have realized that in an age where more than a billion people are on social media, paid advertising here is the best way to reach millions. The Internet has turned the world into a global village and social media is the pass to enter it. By 2025, more than 4 billion people will be over social media. So, if you want to reach maximum people, social media advertising will help you do it. Moreover, we know how to utilize this as per your advertising goals.

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Our Social Media Advertising Services

On a normal day, an average modern person is exposed to more than 6000 ads (obviously are by businesses). In this situation, if your ads are not a standout and talk about your brand, you might lose on many customers. In a positive light, imagine reaching so many people at once! We know how to utilize ads and convert potential customers into leads - and that’s how we do it depending upon the social media platform that is best for your business.


With more than 2 billion people over this app alone, it still is the master of all apps. There are over 9 million active advertisers present. Our aim is to help you utilize this powerful platform to transform your business.


A platform with 1 billion active users and varied ways of advertising to a demographic that’s young, influential, and potential is what Instagram is all about. Want to have an advertisement that works splendidly? Have a look at our services here!


Twitter advertising can help your business carve its niche as it helps you reach your audience and create conversations with them. If your goal ranges between CRM and branding, twitter for sure can help your business. With our experienced team, we ensure it works wonders!


More than 722 active users and growing on the world’s biggest professional networking platform is a chance for your business to go beyond B2C and engage with a larger B2B audience too. Be it customer acquisition or hiring, LinkedIn advertising is growing at a fast pace!

Our Promise

Develop a Real Advertising Strategy

From competitor analysis to funnel marketing and data-driven solutions- our advertising strategy is a driven force of dedication for your business. When we undertake your project, we provide an end-to-end paid marketing solution that builds your brand and drives exponential success through strategy. Bid adieu to ads without a strategy.

Create Engaging Advertisements

With our dedicated research and development on stellar ad creation and what works for whom, we promise our clients the most engaging ads on any platform that they choose. Our work brief is simple- creating an ad that breaks through the clutter and attracts the audience. With our professional services, your social media advertising is worth every penny!

Deliver Quality With KPI’s

In the world of social media, everything is measurable. With our listed KPI’s and data-driven measurement, you will always know what and where your money is going. Our team at Foundr Studio will work to deliver everything we promised and beyond it for effective paid marketing. We are your comprehensive solution to paid social media marketing. Every platform works differently and we know a way in!

Questions & Answers

What is the difference between social media ads and old ways of advertising?

Gone are the days when you would only know products because you saw them on a billboard while driving, or because you had an ad on TV. Traditional advertising means the advertisements that one could see in print, radio, TV, etc.

How do I run a successful ad on social media to generate leads?

Do you know the best way to invest in social media is through social media ads which help us in generating leads? There is a plethora of social media platforms to run a successful ad.

How does advertising on digital media surpass TV advertising?

Since most of these new generation millennials no longer prefer to view video content on Traditional TV, there has been a massive increase in advertising budget spent on Digital media.

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