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Gone are the days when businesses needed to be pitched about why a website is crucial for any business. But just having one isn’t enough. Your website is your online house- the better the design is, the better your business will do. In today’s time, it takes just about 0.05 seconds for any user to create an opinion about your business based on just your website. We at Foundr Studio are known to create websites that are not your usual templates but are based on the core of business and growth.

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Is Website Design Really That Important?

We are now moving towards business transformations. it is understandable that your website has a big impact on your credibility and quality. The word travels fastly when it is online- if your customers don't find your website smooth and fast, you can be forgotten soon. Just having a website is not enough, you need to focus on creating an amazing user experience. The more time they spend- the more they like to be on your virtual address

Smartphones have taken over desktops and so increases the need for your design to be appealing to mobile users. As many as 57% of people stated that they would skip a website if their layout is not mobile-friendly. Responsive website designs are the demand of today and we at Futur Studio know what’s in and what will work for long. Even if you go past the 0.05-second gate, your website layout, colors, and navigation must be smooth. 38%of people said that website engagement will drop if the layout is unattractive.

User experience ensures that customers return. More than 85% of people claimed that if they had a bad experience they would not return to the website. Yes, website design is crucial and critical for the growth of your business. It’s your chance to reduce bounce rates and increase the conversion rates.

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How Our Website Design Services Help Grow Your Business


Deliver a website experience your users will love

Slow-loading websites cost retailers £1.73 billion ($2.6 billion) in lost sales each year. If your website is not worth waiting for, you will lose customers and people are going to never come back. Greater is the work done on design as per your business, higher are the chances of ROI.


Stand out from the competition

The way to cut through the regular template-based websites in your industry is by exploring website designs that are solid and workable. Creativity and innovation is a way to break through the clutter and be ahead in the game. Smarter website design adds to your brand recall too!


Grow and build and a solid base of followers

Overall business plan involves having followers who trust your business. 67% of people said that if a business has a website that looks real, they trust it better. This means your website design can have an impact on whether your website looks original.


Increase social media presence

Social media and websites are both part of online marketing plans. If your website design is created smartly, you can pull the brand image to the social media platforms. This way you can reach multiple people and at the same time drive more people to your website. Ultimately, you can drive valuable sales!


Make website responsive

People can visit your website from absolutely anywhere; smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, etc. If your website design is not adaptable to the change in the screen sizes, you are bound to have higher bounce rates. With effective design solutions, you can easily work on responsiveness.


Deliver an amazing user experience

UX is a big parameter for website success. With smart design, you enable the visitors to enjoy their session and grab a space in their mind. UX and brand value work hand in hand. The first impressions are 94% based on website design which is simply a link to user experience.

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Fast Turnaround

When you work with us, we mutually decide on a timeline that works the best for both of us. We complete our work on time- with 100% dedication. With us, you get your work faster and smarter. Your website will have a bigger impact on your business and a long-term association with us.

Professional Service

All the services that you can avail with us are done by professionals. They work with your business closely to understand the needs and derive the designs based according to them. This way, you get a professional but creative website that works wonders for your business stakeholders.

Experienced Team

We are a team of experienced people who know that they do. We deliver our work with heart and work on it like it’s our own. Each website design is meticulously prepared for one sole goal- your business objectives must be achieved with creativity. That’s how our team works on your website design elements.

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