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Your website must be fast, secure, and functional- but when it’s not, Foundr Studio is there! With our technical expertise & iterative approach, your website will no longer be a tedious task. Welcome to the right place for website development.

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What Types of Websites Do We Create?

Your website is a connection with your potential audience. For that purpose, your website must talk to the visitors. There is a lot of data that anyone can collect which also means it must all stay secured. If your website is not safe, you lose the first impression and with it, your potential audience. Is your website loading time more than 3 seconds? You may then need a robust development partner. That’s because 7% of people claimed that you might lose on conversions if your loading speed is slower.

While saying that, there are multiple types of website forms available that best suit the requirements of the business and industry. If you are a blogger, you may need a website that’s more like a blogging site and even has visuals. On the contrary, an NGO’s website would be showcasing work, having donation links, and partner organizations. Each website comes with varied tools and technology and all one needs to know is, “what’s the best that works?”.

When we work on a custom website design, we literally take all information from you. Until we know what you wish, we can’t know the technology that will be used. In this everything from domain name to the website style, the technology, the security settings, etc. is dependent on the aim of your business going online. We focus on having a creative web design, with SEO-friendly work that’s done keeping in mind website responsiveness.

Website Development Services

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Does Your Business Need Our Web Development Services?

B2B Business

Looking for someone to help your business reach multiple businesses that can be your client? With multiple ways of presenting the same information- all you need is someone who can portray your brand exactly it is. In this process, we have worked with multiple B2B business houses and have delivered exceptional websites that directly talk to their customers.

E-commerce Store

If you want to set up an online business there are multiple things- integrations, permissions, safety, regular updates, and constant monitoring. We have helped ample e-commerce businesses to say that your work is safe with us. We ensure that all the complexities are handled well during development and even after that- we are here to maintain your website.

Healthcare Services

As a healthcare provider, you aim should be reaching multiple people with simplest navigation. Moreover, technical SEO and other schema must also be present for actually having visitors on your webpage. Our development team makes sure that the layouts are easy, the navigation is quicker and people get information easily.

Real Estate Firm

Get all your business listings at one place with services from the best website development service near you. If you are into real estate, you need to have a lot of information presented in the best possible ways- And that’s how we help you with our exceptional development. Have all details like a brochure, vidoes and details simply at click on your website.

Beauty & Fitness Stores

Your website must showcase your talent and act as an inspiration. Multiple people in this industry struggle because of template based website that actually add no revenue. To manage it all, we at Futur Studio bring our best front forward and deliver you results that can astonish you and even your visitors. Time to take your work to next level!

Food Business

Wishing to empower your business on digital platforms wisely? We’ve helped multiple food businesses gain value and driven a reputation for their businesses by developing websites that lure customers. It’s time to add revenue through digital transformation.

Travel & Professional Services

Want your visitors to have easy access to your services simultaneously talking about your quality and experiences? With our vast experience and expertise, all these elemnest will fit in your website. You do not need to worry about anything in the process of website development and design as Futur Studio’s website development services are available.

Non-profit Organization

Have an NPO and wish to add people to cause by utilizing the power of the website? You need to hire the right arms to work on this hassle as your website needs to hold core focus on your operations and donations. So look out for the top website development service providers like us who can do your task with efficiency and effectiveness.

Other Industries

Not in the above-mentioned list? Well, we still have a team that is best. They can turn any project into success because they focus on research, technological upgrades, and the ability to integrate business sense with client goals. So who are you waiting for? Connect with our expert and discuss your requirements right away!

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This Is How We Do It


Learn your business and design preferences

We believe in collaboration- the first step is knowing your needs. A website is a mix of advertising, branding, marketing, and teamwork which starts with knowing the W’s of the objective. That way we gauge your requirements and can strategically plan the process ahead.


Setup website hosting and choose website platform

The next step is deciding upon a domain and hosting server, and the platforms. This all is done after communicating with you. The entire aim of having a website is to have it on the world wide web- accessible globally. In this step, the basic requirements of having a functional website are done.


Develop a rough draft of your website

The next step involves deciding on end-to-end website development that includes sitemap, wireframes, the layout, the content, and everything else. At this stage, a trial website is created for one to see how the entire website looks, feels, and functions. Everything that does not work can be altered as per the clients.


Launch the live version of your website

Once everything is set, the next step is launching your website into the market. It is a crucial step as the real test of the entire strategy is when the launch happens. We at Foundr Studio know our development stages and hence are sure that your website will be ah-mazing.


Maintain the website

Our services do not end at launching if you do not want us to. The last step is crucial as here we monitor your website and check for any issues that may arise in the future. This way we ensure that our services enable the growth of your business even when the development stage.

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