Ultimate Guide To Responsive Website Design

Businesses and global organizations realized the value of having a website long ago. With advancement, came search engines. With algorithms of their own, your website was listed depending upon varied factors. Gone are the days search only happened on computers. 50% of searches that happen annually on google are done on smartphones, tablets. More than 80% of people search when they are in their consideration mode.

Ultimate Guide To Responsive Website Design

But what if they land on a website and the text is all puzzling, or the images do not load? In frustration, they hit back. Increased bounce rates impact your website’s occurrence chances as well as hit the user experience. Website design agencies have therefore started focusing on developing RWD or responsive website design. User experience is the key to ruling business online- with ripple effects on overall brand image.

The key to having website traffic work is providing a welcoming experience to every visitor. That can happen only when your website is customized in a way that facilitates a smooth transition.

What Is Responsive Website Design?

Screen size, orientation, and platform- these are the three elements that are considered while building a responsive website design. Website design is the way your website looks to all your users and having responsiveness added to it means that the backend works in a way that helps the website adjust itself to the user’s device. The same website content may look different when on a desktop v/s on a mobile.

With this approach, both the website design and website development services respond according to the visitor and environment. If you think it's just having screen size adjusted according to the device, you are not entirely right. It involves multiple minuscule aspects which can be handled only by experienced web design and development agencies.

Responsive Website Designs Is Must Have For Your Website

Is this website feature industry-specific, many ask. The simple answer is no. The number of mobile users is ever-increasing and there are more than 50 types of screen size which will only increase in the future. Would you risk losing any one section of such an audience? No, right. Here are other reasons why it is a must-have.

Boosts SEO

When your website is well-built and well-developed, it means everything from design to content is well placed which directly works well in SEO.

Better User Experience

The entire game of RWD is around enriching the website to give the visitors an experience that can be game-changing.

Impact on Purchasing

With the right user experience, you can impact people with smart tactics and transform a visitor into a paying customer.

Wider Reach

Reach greater audiences as with responsive website design, you boost the SEO that in the end puts you well on search results.

No redirects

Give all the information to users whenever and wherever they want. No more redirects that may make your customer want to leave your website.

Top Trends That Will Guide RWD in 2021 and beyond

Data Divide

Having a lot of information on just one webpage impacts both SEO and user experience. There are higher chances of them not reading your content, which means they might miss out a lot. People like to have information at a glance. With the attention of less than a goldfish, having data that is segregated and divided into segments is what can make a customer stay. Other information like overview, summary, niche, and other basic details to have on one go can also go a long way.


When the work on your website is minimal and simple, it becomes effective to load on varied screens. The days of having bulky websites are gone (obviously may not apply on some kinds of websites). Reduce the clutter and unwanted noise from the webpage so that it becomes SEO friendly too.

Hidden Menu

If your business is large enough to have a plethora of data, you just can not keep everything everywhere. In order to manage it, a menu is created which too can be wide depending upon the number of pages. For 2021, hidden menus will still rule as it facilitates smarter web design and improves RWD.

Visual Content

Images, videos, carousels are all multimedia content that can be easily presented and are visually appealing too. With compressed and managed multimedia content, you can actually work smarter in RWD.

Roll & Scroll

The main page for your business can be as said- a long navigational page with smart scroll options. Basic and general details of your business can go on a single page with smart visualization. Multiple businesses use graphical ways to depict more about their business like their journey so far, achievements, etc.


Responsive website design may seem like an easy task, but it involves experience and knowledge for one to truly attain it. It is different from an adaptive design style and makes greater sense for any business to have it. You should never miss out on any customer after you have invested in making space for your business in the internet world. But if you are not working on responsive website design elements in your existing/new website, you are missing out on multiple opportunities.

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